Stair Lifts

Stairs. A simple fact of life, but one that can become unexpectedly treacherous. Whether it’s a new injury that makes them daunting, an existing handicap that makes them overwhelming, or the wear of years of living on joints and bones, there are many reasons that can turn a simple flight of steps into an insurmountable challenge.

This isn’t unusual, though, and it doesn’t have to spell the end of your dream home. Even when the stairs are a centerpiece, or when there are several flights, there is help.

Several different kinds of stair lifts are available, and all of them are reliable, quiet, easy to use, and come with our expert installation and any repair services they may need in the future. All of them can provide you with freedom and security in your home once again, and all provide a safe, simple way of moving from one level of your house to another.

Choose a stair lift that best fits your needs, or the needs of your loved one or your commercial building:

Indoor Straight Stairlifts – If your stairs are straight up and down with no curves or corners, a straight stair lift is the simple solution to your problems.
Indoor Curved Stairlifts – If your stairs have a landing or a spiral-like curve, curved stair lifts can allow you to bypass that obstacle with ease,
Outdoor Stair Lifts – Deck stairs? Steps to the front door? Not a problem anymore with a weather-resistant outdoor stair lift.

Whatever kind of stairs your home features, and whether they’re inside, outside, straight, curved, or cornered, at Access Mobility we can provide you with stair lifts to meet your needs. We select only the best stair lifts on the market, providing you with a new lease on life, and on your beloved home or important commercial building.